Green Gallery Farm 
Classical Dressage Barn  NJ   
Green Gallery Farm                  A Classical Dressage Barn, Hunterdon County, NJ

Our stalls are 12x12 with windows and natural sunlight. We have 50 acres of pastures and paddocks, an attached indoor arena, viewing room, an outdoor ring, and riding trails. The barn has a sprinkler system, bug spray system, tack room, warm-water wash area, and trailer friendly driveway.

We treat our boarders’ horses as if they were our own and we hope our boarders will feel the same way about our farm. We currently charge $600 per month.

Green Gallery Farm is open  7 days a week, every day of the year.

We feed grain twice daily (Triple Crown Feed together with some ground flax seed for their coats and immune system). Hay at least 3 times each day. Supplements & medicine are not a problem.

There are 8 individual turnouts of 1-2 acres and 3 larger fields. We turn horses out over night from May to November (approximately) and during the day when weather permits in the other months.

Boarders are welcome to use their own vet, farrier or trainer or to use those we work with.
We include their names and telephone numbers as references:

Vet – Dr. Laurie C. Cameron DVM (Stockton NJ) 908.996.3588
Dentist – Butch Dase 856.459.3522
Farrier – Scott Previte, AFA, CJF, 908.812.7070, EquineBaseline

Driving Trainer – Amie Bauman (Milford NJ)  908.310.0223
Amie is at the farm  twice a week and is easily the best all around driving trainer in the New Jersey area.

We offer lessons, exercise for your horse, and training.

Tricia and Barbara Hartlein:  We spent the winter at Green Gallery last year and couldn't have been happier.  If you are looking for a place with meticulous care and a relaxed atmosphere, this would be it.  Our horses were happy and calm, looked great and we were able to drive them throughout the winter in a generous sized indoor.  Ann, Dan and their barn crew are professional, with a friendly attitude.  You and your horse(s) will feel welcome there.

Joan Booth:  I had the pleasure of boarding my Saddlebred gelding with Dan and Ann for several years.  One can not ask for more conscientious care than they provide.  Green Gallery Farm is a fine facility where I felt privileged to be a boarder and a friend.  Their love of horses shows up in many ways including acceptance of all breeds and disciplines! 

Gary Maholic: I enjoyed boarding at Green Gallery farm very much.  Ann and Dan are not only meticulous about the care of the horses at the barn, but they are also both very friendly and easy to deal with.  They are also clear about their policies for boarders which again made it very easy to board there.  The facility is wonderful and I often felt like I had the whole place to myself.  The stalls are always cleaned daily, and the horses are turned out daily (or nightly during the summer) conditions permitting.

Mimi Gerrard: When Ann and Danny asked me to provide a brief boarder review, it was the easiest request to say 'yes' to. I think I have been the  boarder who has been with them the longest -- having had four horses  there over the past 12 or so years with my old guy, Irish, who still in their care. When they say that they treat all of the horses  as if they are their own, they are absolutely right. I have never had a single concern about the care of my horses. Ann and Danny are both passionate about the animals in their care and meticulous about the  needs of each individual horse. Ann, especially, is an accomplished 
horsewoman who senses from the moment she walks into the barn whether something is not right with one of the horses. The facility is great with everything you could want in a smaller, more personal and 
friendly barn.

Green Gallery Farm, 171 Little York Pattenburg Road, Milford, NJ, 08848.  908.996.7840.
Call or e-mail us to arrange a visit.